Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 352

I've been up for less then half an hour and already I'm shaking.
you should not start your internet reading for the morning with the Blogger Status updates. It will either upset you or freak you out to paranoia.

So, physio yesterday... he's upping me to five days a week again starting Monday. 
And here I thought I was really doing well when he down scheduled me to three days a week. 

My jaw is still weird. Now the other side is making cracking sounds whenever I open my mouth.  I'm starting to really worry. 
I think my body is just getting revenge for the last 6 and a half months of wear and tear from the knee.  I tore muscles in the first few weeks of this mess from the crutches, had what felt like a small stress fracture in the one arm because of the crutches, my good leg is constantly achy, my ribs were because of the way I was standing with the cane, and now my jaw...  so yeah when you get injured don't assume it's just one body part that is affected cause it's not. 

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