Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 357

How are all my blogging people today?

Yes, good mood.  It's raining, dark and gloomy out. Perfect weather for heading into Fall.  Though, Fall seemed to start a week early here.  Normally we have 3 seasons here,  Winter which lasts from Nov 2nd till April 28th ish, Construction which lasts from April 28th ish till Sept 30th and October which well lasts from October 1st till October 31st. 
Nov 1st is almost like a free space with it being All Souls Day, technically an extension of Hallowe'en. It's definitely candy season, cause that's when all the people are eating their treats and that's when the stores put them on sale.  For clearance to make room for the x-mas stuff.

But, if you've been reading me for any amount of time you know I like rainy days like this because it's the only time I don't seem to have sinus headaches.  I had a brutal one yesterday when the weather was starting to change.
I really need to move to a place that is closer to the sea.  Not the little bay of filth we have here but a proper coast.

So, having a coffee, hanging out on GetGlue and getting ready for physio.  Which is an hour later today. And somehow, I still woke long before the alarm. 

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