Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 358

It's funny watching mother watch wrestling.
WWE NXT was on last night, and we were watching the Seth Rollins - I still want to call him Tyler Black- match. Mom was yelling at the tv telling him to watch out. And of course commented on his two toned hair, which does look very much like another certain former TNA wrestler's hair... hhmmm, anyways; just before that there had been a tag team match which mom was screaming "that's not fair he is not suppose to interfere he should be sent to the back"
 mom has become a wrestling junkie.  It's only taken 38 years.

Getting ready for physio therapy. It's a later time again today, but my body has gotten used to getting up at the same time for the last while, and once again, I was up before the alarm.  I may need a nap by the time I get home.

The dvr mom has, only allows you to set the timer for a week a head of time.  Mom made the comment yesterday when a commercial came on for one of the new shows that is starting next week, about having to call me every night once I get back home to let her know what needs to be set in the dvr.

Just waiting out the last couple of weeks of physio therapy then when I don't need to get out every single day, I will be going home.  I am still having issues with stairs.

Okay, going to end this here because they have started doing some sort of construction work in the building and I can't think straight.

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  1. Hey man, sorry about your DVR troubles. I have DISH, and if you DVR a lot, especially if you have a need to set DVR timers more than a week out, DISH has a solution. A DISH coworker just told me that if you manually set a timer with DISH you can do it a MONTH in advance. Plus, with the new Hopper HD DVR, you can record up to 6 live HD programs at once, AND there is a storage capacity of 2,000 hours. It sounds like you’re home pretty often, so you may as well get a DVR that gives you more functions and freedom.