Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 359

I turn on my computer, it flashes and suddenly there is Skype.
I don't use skype, don't even know how it got on my computer.  But for some reason, it won't let me delete it.

Cold, rainy, dark.  Just the way I like it.   It is officially the first day of Fall.  Lovely.

Not much to talk about this morning.  I'm finally caught up on my wrestling for the last week.  Minus last night's TNA Impact that is.  I either have to wait for the show to be officially uploaded to Spike or hunt it down on youtube. 

Okay, off to have a coffee then get ready for physio.  My knee is starting to look normal shaped now that the swelling is down. I hope my scar fades a bit as it takes up half my leg.

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