Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 365

Oh my god, I finished something!
That was part of the reason for doing a "year" of blogging.   so this wasn't perfect. I mean, man, it took me an extra what 9 months I think to complete 365 days.  Something I didn't manage to do on the original YILOORN blog. 
The reason I never continued on that one was because I wanted to distance myself from the crap, from the drama that had been the start point of the original one. And I felt fake on that original YILOORN blog.  I was catering a lot to the women's group I had joined at that time. I was hiding from a former friend/business partner and basically from myself.

I know there has been moments on this one that has leaned towards some but still, I feel this blog here is so much lighter, warmer, and healthier then some of the other blogs I've worked on over the years.

If I had been thinking clearly, when I started the one movie a day challenge back on December 3rd 2011,  I would have done the blogging for that either on here or else on my main blog.  But, I was so in the moment with the idea of blogging for a year straight with a purpose; that I went off and created the movie blog.

I think that might have been part too of why this blog got so in the weeds for awhile, I didn't have a theme or purpose for it for a really long time.  Ironically, this is where I felt the most comfortable talking about my knee injury that it became the health update blog.
My poor readers.  Those of you who have been loyal to me the most, I'm sorry I've made you jump around so much from blog to blog.

I have to figure out now how to turn around the energy on some of my other blogs to make a few people more comfortable reading them. And myself for that matter.  There has been times when I've logged into my own blogs to post and have gotten just bad vibes because of other people having visited, or left comments or what have you.
And even if you don't believe that sort of thing, you can't deny that some places on the internet just make you feel overwhelmed or tired or icky.

Either way, you understand what I mean.

So, I am down to something like 90 days  on the movie challenge blog. I've completed 275 days of movies. And even though I missed last night, it's crunch time now.  I will not be able to miss many more in order to complete it before New Years.  So here's hoping nothing unforeseen happens between now and the end of December to keep me from doing so.
Which means, all the "what that movie inspired me to do"  projects will have to wait till after the new year. And I do have a few in progress as well as a short list of ones I still want to do.   The movie blog will have to be straight up movies and maybe a few quotes here and there, nothing that's going to take too many hours from the day.
I spend close to 4 hours of the day in physio therapy now, 5 days a week.

And you might be wondering why I'm feeling the rush not to go over the movie challenge into the New Year?    Well, because I've already got the beginning stages of a second one started.
One that I want to start on January the 1st 2013.  I've been hinting at it for the last few weeks, and I am actually excited about it.

For anyone who is just tuning into this, you might be wondering why a grown woman would be excited about something like challenging herself to watch one movie a day for a year?  
Because, I learned stuff about myself during this first experiment.  And I am talking about the movie challenge.  I learned how well or not so well depending on your point of view, I can handle the unexpected.  I learned a lot about how my relationships with my family members were not what I always thought they were.
And I'm still learning.  Which I think is a great point of the project.

I just realized how long this blog post is, so I will wrap this one up.

I'm still going to use this blog, I just have to figure out what direction I want to take it. 

Catch up with everyone tomorrow...

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