Saturday, October 20, 2012

Season 2 Day 14

Thinking about Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The art of it mostly.
Working on some scrapbook pages, and am trying to find "the missing element" for the FALILV page.

Thinking I might have to go back to mom's for a few days.  This is getting bad.  All I wanted was to get home, get back to my own space, and it's just more then I can handle.
I remember why I was hating this place before the knee injury.  The pipes that don't always work, the toilet that never stops making noise, the broken window that no matter how many times I remind the landlord has not been fixed in 4 years, the broken heater that I have been complaining about for 8 years that never seems to get fixed.
At lest the psycho who used to live across the hall moved months ago, aka the landlord's daughter and grandson. There were times I swear the kid was possessed the way he screamed and threw stuff.

So I'm sitting here now, having a coffee, trying to find the right picture of the same kind of car in Fear and Loathing.  I don't think my drawing ability would be close enough, as I've never attempted to draw cars.

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