Monday, November 5, 2012

Season 2 Day 22

Movies movies movies.
This year I had chosen for me to be the year of movies.  But it wasn't until just a minute ago, when I was reading some of the comments from people on GetGlue about the new Twilight movie, that I realized, this has unwittingly been the year of the movie.

For everyone.  Everyone seems to have had a movie this year that they really are/were looking forward to.  Whether it was the superhero movies like Avengers or Spider-man, or the horror films like Sinister or Paranormal Activity,  or the vampire movies like Dark Shadows or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  everyone had a movie this year that they would/have done anything to see. 

Odd that.

I read once that in years when there were massive world traumas movies did better.  People want to escape the reality of how bad things are and movies are the best way to do that.

Looking back on this year for me, that's more then fitting.

Could be why this was such a good year in television too for shows like Once Upon A Time.  The chance to tune out and just escape reality for a few hours.

But Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Holy hell man.  I am starting to think it's the most anticipated movie of the year. Maybe even the last five years. I'd say decade, actually. 

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