Sunday, November 18, 2012

Season 2 Day 27

I posted on my main blog last night with a painting I was working on -on the computer.  I spent some time yesterday puttering around with ideas for a project.
Well, actually, I spent about four hours yesterday going through iStockphotos and clip art sites looking for something to use in an post but couldn't find anything suitable.
Not totally true, did find a few cool looking photos that would have worked, but they had been downloaded hundreds of times and I've seen them everywhere on book covers and dvd covers and other websites so I didn't want to use them. 
This lead to me spending some time trying to draw something for the project.   Ended up making this really cheesy cartoon, but it will do for now.

And the project itself, is part of the movie challenge. Well, a mix of the movie challenge and one of my goals I was talking about earlier in the week.  Only I suppose since I was talking about it on that website about reaching your goals/dreams it might not make sense for those of you reading this here.

Don't worry, all this will start to make some sense in a few weeks, once I have more pieces in place. 

Succeed or fail.

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