Thursday, November 22, 2012

Season 2 Day 29

Aspartame is an abomination.

Seriously, I have no idea how anyone can eat/drink any of the products that has that crap in it?  The aftertaste is like sucking on fumes.  You'd be better off going and standing near two large gas pods at the gas station and just breaking in mouthfuls of the fumes.

Besides, aspartame will kill you faster then cigarettes.

So I went to the movie last night to see my vampires...yay!  And the line up was all the way spilling outside the door of the building, didn't think I was going to get a ticket, but I did.  Got my ticket with five minute to spare and avoided the snack area because it was packed.

I already ranted about the staff letting 5 year old kids into the movie on my main blog last moving on.
When the film was over, I had time to kill before my ride got there, and decided since the snack area was finally empty to grab a pop while I waited.

I ordered a coke, regular size.   It seems regular translated to the second cup size they had which is actually a large. Not a medium, but large.  The first gulp tasted like cherry.  But I know our city hasn't carried cherry coke in years, so it wasn't that. Second gulp as I made my way outside made me think it was possibly root beer, but then the after taste of gas fumes hit.

Damn, the dude gave me a diet coke.  That stuff's nasty.  So here's me with this oversized drink that wasn't even what I asked for and it had cost me $4.89

yeah you read that right.

I don't know if the dude on staff  did not hear me when I asked for a coke, or if because they were so busy last night the coke was empty and the diet was all that was left; in which case he should have said something to me and double checked I still wanted a pop.  Or if when they filled their machine they filled the right flavour in the right dispenser?

I must remember to buy my pop from the vending machine from now on. Which is still $5 a pop.

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