Monday, January 7, 2013

Season 2 Day 48

Another week, and few days into a new year.

So the vampire themed project is well under way.  You can catch up here if you haven't already.
I'll be doing a weekly round up on the movie blog every Friday, with the links and such. Cause that's just easier on me.

Saw the Hobbit... loved it. Talked about it sort of on the movie blog I say sort of cause... well you'll see if you read the post.

Looks like it will be a big year for me book wise too. Joined some book challenges on GoodReads.  Plus, as I mentioned on my main blog last week, have also got my own book clubs this year again.

That's the small catch up today, I'm hoping to make the vampire blog the "main blog" for the year, sort of like how the movie blog was last year, but plans are plans and things turn out the way things turn out so we'll just have to see.

till later

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