Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 107

Well, it's been an interesting weekend to say the lest.  Not too overly busy but nice.

Saturday I went to the cinema to see Priest.   I ranted and reviewed about it on both my main blog and my vampire review blog.  It was good story wise, but I was unaware of it being in 3D, as our local cinema did not say so on the website when I pre-ordered the ticket.

Got another book review done and up on my book blog.  The kicker was that I finished reading it the night of the Blogger mess and could do nothing about it for awhile.  Which I find if I do not get a review done within a few hours of reading, then I forget 90% of it. Even with notes.

And then today, was at mom's and decided I was going to make homemade rice with broccoli and cheese sauce.  You know, like the kind you get instant in the Uncle Ben's packages.  What to make with it was the question of the day.  I opted for baked beans.  Only, all the recipes we had for it had salt pork and bacon fat as main ingredients.   I used canola oil and a uber dose of just salt so that it would be vegetarian. 
I think it turned out really good.  Specially considering the molasses and ketchup just kept getting everywhere.  My clothes were clean from the laundry when I left the house, now you would think I rolled around in the sauce by the looks of me. 
There was a ton of left overs too.  I won't need to cook for another two days.

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