Monday, May 2, 2011

Day 99

I'm sitting here reading over some of my old blog posts on my SATC styled blog. And reading some of the blog posts over on the company blog of my favourite wrestlers.
Ironically, I picked a few of the sadder of their blog posts to read.  Not on purpose, just picked random ones to read.   And it happened to be some of the more serious ones.

You're wondering where I am going with this.  I'm not even sure myself.
It's been a rough week emotionally.  I'd like to say it's all because of the issue with my main blog; but it's not.   Just life in general.

Trust me, if the hot flashes start I will blog about it.   They haven't yet thank god, but I'm about ready to ask for something to knock me out. Because, these blasts of emotions are killing me. 

Tomorrow marks the 100 post for this blog.  100 Days of the blog.  I've got a few ideas in my brain for that blog mark.  Will have to see what tomorrow brings weather wise.

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