Thursday, July 21, 2011

Returning from break

So I'm back from my little holiday aka house sitting for mom.

The heat here has been over the top unbearable.  We're sitting in +29c and up with humidex of +39c and up for the last week.
Massive storm here last night that destroyed the airport roof and the parking lot.

Got into a strange argument with my uncle, who is a chef, about headcheese.   See, now I know headcheese is not really cheese.  It's like a mixed meat thing.  I would compare it more to Spam then to anything else.

I did finally finish reading As Always Julia  and found it good but little disappointing for what I was expecting it to be.

I, surprisingly, only gained 4 pounds while at mom's.  I say surprisingly and only because all I did was bake cookies and cakes and make bread puddings and jams and such.  Homemade pancakes on more then a few mornings too. 
I took a picture of the cookies.

Will be back tomorrow (if time allows) and back to the actual numbered day posts.

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