Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 132-Day 7

Not as much a Jane Austen day as much as a Jane Eyre. 

The newest version of  Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre was released on dvd yesterday.   I had pre-ordered it.   Finally got to sit down last night to watch it after spending the day getting x-rays on my foot, when the dvd player wouldn't work.  I tried everything.   In the end, it was the remote.  Took me almost two hours to figure out that the controller needed new batteries, of which I will have to remember to get today.

Well that's Mercury retrograde for you, electronic screw ups everywhere. 

So my foot... I went into the doctor's on Monday and he ordered x-rays for yesterday.  Quick on that.  Only, he ordered x-rays for my ankle not my foot and it's my foot that has been giving me issues.  So the x-ray tech said she could not actually x-ray more then the area of my body that has been officially listed on the order sheet.   
Well, that was pointless. I go in again next week to the doctor for a follow up to find out what is wrong.  

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