Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 136

The September Issue for 2011 is out.  Picked it up yesterday.  My magazine buying has been here and there in the last few years.  I no longer look at them as needful but as treats.  

The September Issue is a needful thing. 

I had it with me when I went to mother's and she asked me why I was carrying a telephone book?   When I showed her what it was, she snatched it up and started to flip through it then made the comment about it just being filled with ads for clothes.  

Yes say it with me now.... awww mom's first Vogue.

Seriously, mother has never read a fashion magazine.  She reads the ones that tell you how to decorate a turkey with popcorn stuffing and how to loose water retention in five easy steps.  But something like Vogue, Fashion, Elle,   she wouldn't know it if it slapped her.  Which it nearly did given the weight of the issue.  She dropped it and almost ripped the pages out.  I have to remember not to bring my paper toys to her place anymore.

Okay, so I'm in a slightly swell mood this morning, even though I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. 

P.S.   Mom is now hooked on Charmed.   Of all things, Charmed!  I was flipping channels few days ago at her place, waiting for Sex and the City on the CosmoTv network which has very edited episodes of SATC; so it's okay to watch in front of mom. {she has an issue with swearing, nudity, sexual content and mature subject matter. Watching anything with her is a pill}  And the show Charmed comes on right before SATC. 
She is sort of digging on SATC but I end up having to explain things because it's the show is edited for content and time.  I've offered to bring over my dvds cause I've got SATC complete collection but no, she says she'd rather watch it on tv where they've edited out "all the bad stuff". 

Well here's to being fashion forward today.

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