Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 141

All My Children is in it's last few days of the show.  After 40 years of being on air, they are winding down all the plots, characters and ending.

If you're a fan of the soap like I am, then you have been glued to your sets for the last month.

I've mentioned a while back elsewhere on the internet about how I love the idea that two of the characters, Tad and Dixie, have been able to sense when the other is around.  It gives a bit of weight to the idea of soulmates.  And if you know me, then you know it's something I believe in majorly.

This is also the beginning of all the new tv shows for the season.  So far, I'm really digging on the new one  Ringer  or as it's called around here "the new buffy"  as it's starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.   

Who, some may remember, was on All My Children for a few years as the original Kendal.  Should be interesting to see how the last few days of AMC come together.

This has been your randomness for the day.

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