Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 143

Back from my holiday.

Been trying to figure out how to get my photos from my cell phone to my computer to use on my blogs, but not having any luck on it.
Had to buy an adapter chip which fits fine in my camera, but my camera does not read it.  I keep getting an error message.
Which sort of sucks because I took all these restaurant shots that I had intended for my cooking blog.  I had wanted to do a mini foodie tour of my trip.

Anyone remember how I said my mom got hooked on the show Charmed last month because it came on before Sex and the City... well, she got me doubly hooked.  So much that I ended up buying the dvds.  It started off so innocently; we were setting the dvr so we didn't miss the next episode, then we went looking online because we had not seen the first season or half of season two.  Then poof my credit card came into play. And I the collector's edition too with the "book of shadows" which is very beautiful when you think about it.

Only now, I'm not allowed to bring it home.  Not allowed to watch the episodes without mom.  She's holding it hostage. 

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