Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 197

Day 51 on the movie de jour is up.

Another one of my uber early mornings.  Not insomnia just way early because of the the neighbours.  But why waste the time right?  Right.

Okay, book wise, my Debbie Macomber addiction has to stop!  Seriously, I picked up two more of her's when I was out yesterday. 
Not going to lie, her books are part of what has me trying to learn to knit. It's the big theme in all her novels.

And it would seem, I have bought all the wrong fabric for my quilt.  All but what I have planned to use for the backing of the quilt is a polyester. I picked up a flannel for the backing.  But it would seem, that for quilting, I'm being told to stay away from polyester.   Lovely, screwed up right out of the gate. See, I knew the quilting project would take me a few years.

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