Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 241

yes, the movie de jour has been posted for hours. Day 102

I hate having to put a  .ca  at the end of my links now. Totally sucks.  Everyone who reads me knows I'm Canadian.  And yes there are still a ton of issues since Blogger changed all the country end tags. Bunch of things that just are not working.

Anyway, my anger aside,  I've been thinking about going back to doing the wrestling reviews.  Been thinking about it for a while now.  But I suppose, the fact that I'm still thinking about it and not really doing says something.  
I did do a short one few weeks ago.  Just I miss doing it. Only it takes so much out of me.  To do one proper anyway takes like 4 hours.

Oh hey, it's St. Patrick's Day. 


  1. You don't have to add .ca to all of your links as they'll redirect just fine. What's weird is that the .ca doesn't have any Page Rank. Usually the redirect does. For example my blog can also be viewed through and that always has the same PR as the Blogspot address.

    Anyway, people are coming out with code to switch it back. I've begun experimenting and it works but I'm waiting. I'll have to do all the countries like Japan and...South America? If you want more info read my last blog post. It's called, 'Blogspot .CA Is Now Here!'

  2. David... thanks.
    I'm still waiting for a fix on the quick edits. I know a few people in the help forum have suggested a few things but it doesn't seem to be a proper fix.

    I have noticed the spam redirect links in my stats have been cut in half since the country tag changes. Which is about the only good thing that's come out of all this.

    I don't know if Blogger did this because of their entire Google upgrade or because of some law being forced on them, but it's just caused so many issues for the bloggers.