Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 252

End of the night.  Not much to talk about.   Only had the movie de jour today, nothing extra. Day 119
There have been a few planets going in a retrograde motion for the last few months, and tomorrow they turn back to a direct motion.   This will help clear up some of the complications everyone's been feeling the last while. There is also a Full Moon this weekend.

If you're a tv junkie, then you know most of the shows are winding down for the season. And the new line up of mid-season replacements are all starting. 
I'm a recovering television addict.  Okay, so I've fallen off the wagon, but that's only been the last few months.
My tv addiction used to be so bad that when I lived at home a billion years ago, I always had two vcrs going non-stop plus did the switching back and forth between other channels.  So at any given time, I would be watching four or five shows in one hour.   And our house had something like 6 tvs and vcrs. That made one in each bedroom of the house, the livingroom and the rec room in our basement.  My whole family were tv addicts. 
I was 6 years without cable.  Made my life easier, the only thing I couldn't break myself of was wrestling, and now... this winter since I've been at mom's I've become addicted again.  
Mom's a massive CSI fan.  Anything that's a cop/medical drama. She got me hooked on Body of Proof, which has it's season finale next week.
Dude, this is bad really bad.   When my leg is healed enough for me to get home again, I'm going to end up having a few days of uberbordom from no cable.  That's the one downfall of the new DVRs compared to old VCRs.  You can't just tape something and then take the tape home to watch later. You are stuck with the recording on the digital box where you taped it.  In other words, it's on the digital box at mother's and that's the only place I can watch it.

Unless I want to hunt on the internet for days.   I hate that.
Yes, I'm in a fairly good mood.  Bored but in a fairly good mood.  And Thursday I head back to the doctor's for my next round of x-rays.  I'm figuring that he'll start me on therapy for my leg then after the long weekend. 
Being able to walk again will be wonderful.

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