Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 266

It's been slow and extremely painful in physio therapy, but today showed some major progress. I had to use this rowing-bike machine to help with both my knee movement and for strengthening my muscles.
Hurt like hell for the first few minutes, but then got into the rhythm of it.  The result was me being able to - with my brace- bend my knee enough to touch my toes to the floor. 
Not standing on tip toes but a similar style of movement.

In other words, I've reached the point of bending my knee with the brace to a 55 degree point. 
Two weeks ago I was only at 15 degree. 

Still need to take the pain meds before a session, which after an hour today nearly knocked me out.  I don't like taking these pills.  They knock me out. Barely made it home before I fell asleep.  Almost did on the ride home from physio.

The movie de jour was posted this morning. Day 140.

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