Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 269

Physio Therapy.

That's what I've been up to the last few days.  

Yesterday, I was having an excellent day; no crying in therapy.  Feeling so good, that I talked my way into getting my uncle to take me to the craft store.   I was there less then 15minutes and that was just too much. Totally over did it. He practically had to carry me out, I was standing too long.
Then today, my therapist not only made me cry, I thought he was going to break my leg all over again; so yes I went through a half box of kleenex.

Then some of the ladies from mother's church came over today after physio.  Nice visit, got a new recipe for a mint chocolate loaf. 

And the scrapbooking... I posted a photo of the project I'm working on now over on one of the scrapbook communities and my WordPress blog that I have turned into a scrapbooking blog.  It was an old blog that I had started few years ago and left untouched so I thought might as well use it.  

And yes, the movie de jour was posted this morning. Day 149
the scrapbooking project has to do with the movie challenge.  It's just not finished yet

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