Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 274

Back from both physio therapy and the appointment with the doctor.

I am no longer sure what the what is.   The doctor today, told me that everything -bone wise- has healed and that the only thing wrong with my knee is the stiffness and lack of movement.  He wants me to be totally free of the brace and the crutches in 3 weeks when I go back in to see him.  He can't take out the wires till after I've gotten to a 90degree bending point.

That just not going to happen in 3 weeks.

Tomorrow marks the 11 week mark since I broke it, and I've only gotten half weight baring on it at this point and a 65degree bending point.

The therapist, yesterday told me that it's still broken and it will be for almost a year.  He also tried me with one crutch earlier in the week and I couldn't make it 3 steps before he said I just am not ready.  I am just not steady enough aka strong enough yet for that.  We also tried few days ago to walk without the brace.  I think I mentioned that few posts back... I looked like a duck trying to walk.

And for those following the movie de jour... today's was posted this morning. Day 156

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