Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 291

I blogged earlier today on my main blog about how I'm having some issues with my writing.
I've touched on this topic a few times in the past, doesn't seem to be improving much.

And with that said, I went looking around at some other artist's blogs for awhile tonight.  Many of them had the same thing to say, and that was they feel insecure about their work.  Some feel they have no talent, others feel that it's not worthy or that they really have no vision.

It's all pretty much the same issue.  The lack of feeling that you have something to really contribute to society, to have something to really say

Another common thing I've noticed in many of the blogs I've been reading, has been the idea that because of something that happened to them as kids, they have the issues now.
Yeah, been there, had that chat too.

My whole life I've wanted someone to feel proud of me and of what I've done.  Never got it.  Always got the opposite. Literally being told that no one was interested in what I have to say or anything I have done.

Here's the kicker, someone finally said they were proud of me for something.   Too bad it was the physio therapist saying he was proud of how far I've come in the last three weeks on my recovery. 
Isn't that terrible.   I mean it.  Something as horrible as my knee injury and that's the first time someone has said anything truly positive to me that I can remember.

I hope everyone who reads this has a chance to tell someone today that they are honestly proud of them and have someone tell you that they are proud of you too. And to mean it.

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