Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 304

Being stuck inside all the time, and still stuck at my mother's, I was feeling like nothing could bring me out of my blahs.   That was until I rented a vampire movie this afternoon.
The movie de jour is Day 220. Vampire film

I was checking out some of the scrapbooking sites yesterday and saw some of the previews for the new season's line of scrapbook supplies.  And this is where I totally geek out more then I just did about the vampire movie and say, I'm totally looking forward to the Hallowe'en designs from DCWV and SEI.

I can just see their products this season having more of an impact then usual given that by the fall the last episode of Twilight will be in cinema and Dark Shadows will be on DVD by then.  There are just so many scrapbookers out there that I've come across in the last while who have done many many projects centered around Twilight and Johnny Depp.

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