Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 316

I've got this idea for a project.   One to tie into the big movie challenge.
I've managed to find about 90% of the elements for it online, just waiting now till I get back home.. again... to be able to have access to my printer and craft stuff. 
If this works, then I'll post the finished project on the movie blog along with the link to the website that had the tutorial.
Yes, someone else already thought of this and they are genius for it.

I know, I'm being cryptic again.  But, whenever I start talking about projects that I am planning on doing or in the middle of in detail, they fall apart on me.  As in, either the funding falls out or the people taking part bail on me.

This is an arts and crafts thing that I'm wanting to do.

Beautiful day this morning.  Only +17c here today and the winds are kicking.  Just the way I like it.  comfortable, not too hot not too cold just ... lukewarm.

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