Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 329

Getting ready for my "admitting" appointment.   Which I think is a bit much.  I go to the hospital, they tell me what I'm allowed to do before tomorrow, like if I'm not allowed to eat after a certain time or take any pills or what have you, most likely do the x-rays today then send me home and make me come back middle of the night, so that I can have the surgery in the morning.

Why not just admit me to the hospital?  Why make me go there, come home then go back?

Why do they call it an "admitting appointment"?  Why not just say it's for x-rays and blood tests? Which I thought is what my appointment last week with my family doctor was for.  But he just took my blood pressure and asked me a few questions.

I've spent more of my life in hospital then anywhere else, more time with nurses, physio therapists, x-ray techs; then with my family or friends.  Having O.I.  really sucks.

Well, anyways, depending on how long i have to sit around the hospital today, I might not get much else done.  And depending on how things go tomorrow, I might not be online at all.
If things go smooth tomorrow, I should be home middle of the day.  If there are complications, either with my knee or more likely, the surgeon having an emergency that would push my surgery off his schedule, then I might be Thursday before I'm home and online again. 

So if there is no movie on the movie blog for the next day or two, you'll know why.  I'm trying to squeeze a movie in now, but there's not guarantee that I'll have it finished in time before I go.

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