Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 334

Birds outside are making noise, in a good way.
Checked in on GetGlue,  I'm so beyond addicted.  And I just don't want to think about how much of a tv junkie I've become since being at mom's.

When I finally get back home, I will be stuck without cable once again.  I've gotten too spoiled here with her having the Shaw Video On Demand package.  Too spoiled. It's all I've done.  Watch movies and tv.
Yeah, the knee injury ruined my life a bit, but hey I got to see more movies for the all year movie challenge then I otherwise would have.

That's not a good trade off at all.

Which brings me back to my latest addiction. The stickers on GetGlue.  There is a wrestling sticker of Jimmy Jacobs that I am wanting.  Only, I haven't managed to unlock it yet.

So, as you can tell; it's one of those random thoughts pouring out of my hands sort of mornings.

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