Friday, November 30, 2012

Season 2 Day 36

I saw a trailer for a movie, that had one word different for the "American" version vs the "British" version.

The word.... pop. Well soda in the U.S. version.

I don't get that.   I remember when I was younger too, seeing an episode of the classic  Degrassi Junior High  where they were all at a party and one of the girls asks her date if he want's a pop?  That was on the Canadian channel.  It was on an American channel as well, and when I saw the episode on there, they had changed it to soda. 

It's like, why do you in the States take the letter u out of things. Like colour, or humour, or favourite, neighbour.    I will never understand that. 
but... just one of those random things that gets under my skin.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

s2d35 continued

I am not for sale.
My blogs are not for sale.

I got a few offers for a couple of my domains asking to buy me out.  I know a lot of people sell off their domains when they stop updating all the time, but when I buy something it's for a reason.

So yeah, little pissed off right now.
I've been getting a lot of people trying to get me to add their brands to my blogs too with the click to sell links.
I won't do that either.

I do what I do because I like to, not because I am looking to make profit. If that were the case, I would have sold out when I first started blogging. These things would be up the waszoo with click adds and advertizements in general.
I don't even like the idea of giveaways.  I've had to do giveaways in the past when I was doing the book reviews, and it sucked balls.

When did the world become about nothing but money?  Isn't there any soul left?

I know this blog -Another Year I Lived Off Of Ramen Noodles-  was originally meant to be a drama free zone, but the last year has been anything but.

This today, was the last straw. It might seem silly to many of you reading right now, but seriously dude I've had enough of the materialistic people in my life.

I've been used and lied to, and people trying to buy me off and I'm just ready to punch someone. From the editors who were less then honest, to the publishers who were less then honest, to the cover artists who were less then honest, it just makes me mad.

Season 2 Day 35

I am starting to hate mornings.

Think I will start sleeping during the day and staying up all night, like a good little vampire.

Another day to wonder what I'm doing, what I should be doing, what I want to be doing?  All while wondering why my computer isn't keeping a charge like it's suppose to?  Battery is suppose to have 5 hours but I'm getting around 2 and a half and the computer is only 6 months old.

More snow, grey skies and sinus headaches to deal with ontop of the other issues.

I really need a vacation after the last few months.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Season 2 Day 34

I am sitting here watching a movie, half listening to it, half trying to keep my nose from falling off because no matter what I do, my apartment is freezing.  The heat is full on, and I've got two sweaters on, still shivering.
And as I watch a movie I've seen a million times, that used to inspire me, I'm trying to figure out where to begin to turn certain aspects of my life around.

In the age of the internet, how does one reinvent themselves ?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Season 2 Day 33

Just watching Bold and the Beautiful,  and wondering if the soap will last now that one of the main and first characters has left the show?
After 25 years, one of the core actors decided it was time to move on to other stuff so they killed the character.
Damn eh?  No contract mind change there.

Running down on the movie blog.  Day 331. Aren't endings weird?  The way endings can affect or not affect us. 
Some endings are atomic in our lives and other ends are barely a feather touch.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Season 2 Day 32

There is a tarot site I like to read every so often.  This week, the discussion was about the Three of Swords.
A card about pain and heartbreak but also about brutal truth.

Ironically, my card.  It was the very first card I ever pulled in the first reading I ever had.  The sight of the card, no matter what deck, always leaves the person with a sigh of loathing.
As I was reading the article, it got me thinking about some stuff.

One of those is the fact it has been a silent card the last few months.  But the Two of Swords has been popping up like weeds in the last few months.

The Two of Swords is a card of silent conflict, of disbelief and of being afraid to make a choice. Staying in a situation that is unhealthy because you're too afraid to do anything else.

That card has been everywhere this year. And given my situation, it all makes sense now.  But it took reading about the dreaded Three of Swords for me to make the connection that's been staring me in the face all year.

I'm starting to think that the knee injury was the transition from the two to the three. In real English, whenever I've had a broken leg in my past, it's ended up being a time in my life where I've ended up having a massive life change.  Usually because I was doing something I wasn't suppose to be doing even though I secretly knew better.  And I would end up with a broken leg and have to literally sit still and rethink everything in my life, eventually doing something completely different after recovery.

See, now it's making some sense.

I have been feeling like I'm stuck in some limbo for the last few years, for different reasons.  The writer's block  -I thought was the result- now I'm starting to think it was just a warning sign.

It's what makes working with Tarots such an interesting thing.  Just like every deck's design is different because every illustrator is different, it's going to give you just what you need just when you need it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Season 2 Day 31

Ramen... it's just a night for noodles.

Few episodes of Angel, and it would seem, fighting a cold.  I must have gotten it when I went to see Twilight 5 Breaking Dawn part 2.

Been working the last few days on a story.  And I think I might have hit another round of blockage.  Managed to get 30 pages written this week.  Which, for the state of my writing in the last few years, is amazing.
Nothing like what I used to be able to crank out.  I could write a whole novel, over 390 pages, in about three weeks.  Now, I'm lucky if I can get 20 pages in that amount of time.

Nothing else really happening at the moment. 

catch up  later.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Season 2 Day 30

oh hell, I woke up to snow.  Like more then ankle deep outside snow.  Damn it!

Well, it's officially winter here, which sucks cause this will be my first winter since the knee injury.  I see a few nervous days ahead of me.

It's Thanksgiving in the U.S. this weekend, so for the few readers I have in America, Happy Thanksgiving (yeah it was technically yesterday wasn't it?)
I've never understood why, when Canada and the United States both celebrate the holiday, it's a month apart?  Has that fact ever made any sense to anyone else?
We had Thanksgiving back in October here in Canada.  On a holiday you all call Columbus Day.  Never understood the having it in two different months.  I could understand having it a week apart... but a full month?  Dude, racks my brain.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Season 2 Day 29

Aspartame is an abomination.

Seriously, I have no idea how anyone can eat/drink any of the products that has that crap in it?  The aftertaste is like sucking on fumes.  You'd be better off going and standing near two large gas pods at the gas station and just breaking in mouthfuls of the fumes.

Besides, aspartame will kill you faster then cigarettes.

So I went to the movie last night to see my vampires...yay!  And the line up was all the way spilling outside the door of the building, didn't think I was going to get a ticket, but I did.  Got my ticket with five minute to spare and avoided the snack area because it was packed.

I already ranted about the staff letting 5 year old kids into the movie on my main blog last moving on.
When the film was over, I had time to kill before my ride got there, and decided since the snack area was finally empty to grab a pop while I waited.

I ordered a coke, regular size.   It seems regular translated to the second cup size they had which is actually a large. Not a medium, but large.  The first gulp tasted like cherry.  But I know our city hasn't carried cherry coke in years, so it wasn't that. Second gulp as I made my way outside made me think it was possibly root beer, but then the after taste of gas fumes hit.

Damn, the dude gave me a diet coke.  That stuff's nasty.  So here's me with this oversized drink that wasn't even what I asked for and it had cost me $4.89

yeah you read that right.

I don't know if the dude on staff  did not hear me when I asked for a coke, or if because they were so busy last night the coke was empty and the diet was all that was left; in which case he should have said something to me and double checked I still wanted a pop.  Or if when they filled their machine they filled the right flavour in the right dispenser?

I must remember to buy my pop from the vending machine from now on. Which is still $5 a pop.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Season 2 Day 28

Listening to the Lost Boys soundtrack.  I can't get over the fact this cd is almost 30 years old. Timeless.

Been trying to spread my blogging love around to some of my very neglected blogs. Did a post on the cooking blog the other day, on the wrestling blog, had three days with a short few sentences each on the main blog.
One of these days I'll have my blogging life together.  Just not today it would seem.

Also, was just working on a new story.  Another new story.  Page 8 on it, so this could be promising. I find if I can make it past the first 10 pages, the story usually has a better chance of really getting developed.  Otherwise, it fades into nothingness and I end up forgetting all about why I started to write it to begin with.

Tomorrow, I'm going to see the last chapter in the Twilight Saga.  So I only have to avoid spoilers for another day.

Speaking of vampires and movies... If you have been a regular reader of any of my ramblings, then you know I've been hinting at something themed blog-related for the new year.
Well, part of that is every Tuesday starting in 2013, I'm going to do a post on the movie blog about vampire movies.
There's a shocker for ya eh?   I'm coming to the end of the year for the one movie a day for the year challenge- damn that's a mouthful- and am thinking of how to continue the blog over there.  I'm also going to be doing a second year challenge.
Which I'll talk about when I get it all straightened out in my own head. I've got ideas and need to organize how to do most of them.

catch up later

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Season 2 Day 27

I posted on my main blog last night with a painting I was working on -on the computer.  I spent some time yesterday puttering around with ideas for a project.
Well, actually, I spent about four hours yesterday going through iStockphotos and clip art sites looking for something to use in an post but couldn't find anything suitable.
Not totally true, did find a few cool looking photos that would have worked, but they had been downloaded hundreds of times and I've seen them everywhere on book covers and dvd covers and other websites so I didn't want to use them. 
This lead to me spending some time trying to draw something for the project.   Ended up making this really cheesy cartoon, but it will do for now.

And the project itself, is part of the movie challenge. Well, a mix of the movie challenge and one of my goals I was talking about earlier in the week.  Only I suppose since I was talking about it on that website about reaching your goals/dreams it might not make sense for those of you reading this here.

Don't worry, all this will start to make some sense in a few weeks, once I have more pieces in place. 

Succeed or fail.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

s2 d26 continued

The doctor's appointment.

It went fine.  The surgeon was happy with everything, had me bend my leg, straighten it, looked at the scar, took x-rays, and was overall pleased.  He did make a comment about how he doesn't see any reason why in time, that I shouldn't be able to do everything I was able to before it happened. So that makes me feel better.

It's been a long an painful 9 and 1/2 months with this whole knee issue.  I still have nightmares from it.  Hell, I still have nightmares from my car accident and couple of my older injuries that happened 15 years ago.

I can't handle pain at all.  Totally useless when a crisis happens.

The surgeon did mention again about having my ankle redone at some point.
When I was 23 years old, I double dislocated my ankle and have had a pin in it ever since. The surgeon thinks it would be wise to have an upgrade on it.

Season 2 Day 26

it's 7:30am and I'm on my second cup of coffee already, with The 69 Eyes blasting in my iPod.
Getting ready for what should be my last doctor's appointment with the surgeon.   So, yay I get to spend half the day sitting around the fracture clinic waiting room in the hospital.
So, yeah field trip.

So very short post for this morning.   I'll throw this in the post for the hell of it.

Catch up later

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Season 2 Day 25

Goals and dreams.
We all have them. Even if we only have one in our lifetime, or if we have hundreds.  Lately, I haven't felt like I have had any at all.

The other week, I joined a website that deals only with your goals in life, and how to make them come true.
And as I wrote up the first round of my goals, I started to notice a pattern. I had five things in life I want to do, that all came down to the same thing.   Writing. 
At first glance, they all seemed to be completely different goals, but when you look at them all grouped together, it was basically the same thing.

As things progress, I'll let you know. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Season 2 Day 24

What will all the movie places do, all the fan sites, all the internet spots like GetGlue; do after next week when Twilight Breaking Dawn p2 comes out?

All those places/people/fans who have been promoting it for the last 6 months, what will be the next movie that they dig their teeth into ?

I'm serious here.  What happens after it's all over?

From the promotion idea, it's been on the same scale as Star Wars the prequel-trilogy and that's saying something. ...

which makes me think that the new Star Trek #2 will be the big deal.

Well, I hope it will anyways.
I'm marking May 17th 2013 on my calendar... Star Trek into  Darkness

Friday, November 9, 2012

Season 2 Day 23

Sitting here listening to the new The 69 Eyes cd
I go next week for my last doctor's appointment with the surgeon.

I realized I hadn't come in here the last few days to post.   I've been posting on some of the other blogs I have this week, but nothing serious.

I think that's my problem, I feel like there should be something massively serious for me to be talking about, to be doing.  And really my life is just a bunch of busy nothings.

My highlight yesterday was playing a video game.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Season 2 Day 22

Movies movies movies.
This year I had chosen for me to be the year of movies.  But it wasn't until just a minute ago, when I was reading some of the comments from people on GetGlue about the new Twilight movie, that I realized, this has unwittingly been the year of the movie.

For everyone.  Everyone seems to have had a movie this year that they really are/were looking forward to.  Whether it was the superhero movies like Avengers or Spider-man, or the horror films like Sinister or Paranormal Activity,  or the vampire movies like Dark Shadows or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter  everyone had a movie this year that they would/have done anything to see. 

Odd that.

I read once that in years when there were massive world traumas movies did better.  People want to escape the reality of how bad things are and movies are the best way to do that.

Looking back on this year for me, that's more then fitting.

Could be why this was such a good year in television too for shows like Once Upon A Time.  The chance to tune out and just escape reality for a few hours.

But Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Holy hell man.  I am starting to think it's the most anticipated movie of the year. Maybe even the last five years. I'd say decade, actually. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Season 2 Day 21

It's a Sunday.  Yeah, 4 days since I blogged last. Pretty much anywhere other then the movie challenge blog.
I'm becoming a really bad blogger. I have to break that habit ... or you know use the offline time to do something worth blogging about more.

Funny thing that. When I started blogging all them years ago, I had such a busy life, tons of stuff to blog about now, I just babble about nothing really.

So, the last week, been totally into the British tv show  Being Human.   Spent all my time watching it on Netflix Canada.  All four seasons. 
I am going to have to get it on dvd or something and try to find a way to see the new season in a few months when it airs.

yeah, totally addicted.