Friday, November 30, 2012

Season 2 Day 36

I saw a trailer for a movie, that had one word different for the "American" version vs the "British" version.

The word.... pop. Well soda in the U.S. version.

I don't get that.   I remember when I was younger too, seeing an episode of the classic  Degrassi Junior High  where they were all at a party and one of the girls asks her date if he want's a pop?  That was on the Canadian channel.  It was on an American channel as well, and when I saw the episode on there, they had changed it to soda. 

It's like, why do you in the States take the letter u out of things. Like colour, or humour, or favourite, neighbour.    I will never understand that. 
but... just one of those random things that gets under my skin.

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