Thursday, January 10, 2013

Season 2 Day 49

It's a Thursday.
means nothing really. 

Been very addicted to the tv show MI-5 (Spooks)   well, just seasons 7-9 the ones with Richard Armitage.  Cause, you know he's hotter then hell in a bathtub. Spent most of the last week watching all the episodes from those three seasons of the show.

And I've run out of British shows on Netflix Canada to watch.  I'm really hoping that BBC Canada gets  the new show Ripper Street.  Or Global or CTV or one of the Canadian channels, cause it looks pretty groovy.

Seriously, the only British show left is Doctor Who.... and I don't think I could handle that.  I've avoided that show for most of my life, only having to sit through maybe three episodes ever when I was a kid. My cousin and uncle loved Doctor Who.

I'm babbling, but that's okay cause it's my blog.  Speaking of vampires, the vampire movie de jour is up. Day 10 over on the vampire blog...  it was a movie I'd never heard of until yesterday.

okay time for coffee
till later

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  1. I've had my favorite tv series too but it was a long time ago. I haven't watched it since I was in college. Guess I woould have to look for another interesting tv series to keep me occupied. :)