Friday, February 8, 2013

season 2 Day 51

It's been about a week since I checked in on this blog.
This was always meant to be the drama free blog.  So, I suppose not having much to rant about is a good thing.

The vampire challenge is not going as smoothly as I was expecting it to. It just seems that last year's one movie a day challenge, even with all it's faults moved along better.
That makes me a bit sad.

It's funny how we end up living our lives on the internet.  Here I have something- the challenge- which last year was originally meant to be blog only and it expanded to a scrapbook, and changed how I viewed my life, how I interacted with my family, how I planned my day.   And this year's  challenge, which is meant to be more offline, has fallen into a giant crack.  None of the secondary projects connected to the vampire challenge are working proper.

It's all making me think I should go back to the idea of the original challenge.

But anyways, that's where my head is right now. Somewhere between a life online and one in the real world.

till later

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