Thursday, March 7, 2013

season 2 Day 56

Just got back from the dentist.  Had to take a cab there and back, which cost me more then I want to admit to.
And, I've got to go back in a few weeks for a filling.  Damn it!
With the O.I., my teeth have been an issue.  Osteogenesis Imperfecta, for anyone who hasn't been following much or just does not remember, is brittle bones.  Which I have Type One. And your teeth, as many people don't even think about when they think about bones, are well bones. 
So my teeth have been a cause of anxiety my whole life.  Using bleaching products to whiten them is forbidden by my dentist because of the fact they strip away layers of bone... you know what I mean, in order to actually whiten.
Yeah, that bit of sensitivity you feel when you use the bleaching products is because you've just given yourself a lower bone density in your teeth.   Think about that for a few minutes.

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