Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2

So, if you checked out the original Ramen Noodles blog,  you know that my life last year sucked because

  • My writing career was in the toilet
  • A sports celebrity was causing me heartache online
  • My online business partners were bad choices
  • My family was causing me heartache
  • The winter was one of our worst in years and I was stuck indoors for nearly a month straight
  • My few friends were questionable
It was drama on top of drama on top of drama.

So, what's changed you are asking?  
This winter has been smooth sailing, one of our most mild Canadian winters yet. I have been able to get out a lot more.
I removed myself from the business partners.
I removed myself from all of my so-called friends.
I stopped panicking over every single little thing.
I cut back on my sports blog to almost nothing (last year I was working it 20 hours a week)
I had some minor success with my writing, ironically because of the sports celebrity.

What's the same?
My family is still giving me heartache
The sports celebrity is still giving me heartache, I'm just not letting it get to me like it did before.
I've been cooking more.

The only real downside is that I've gained a bit more weight.  Ten full pounds in the year.  Which puts me 35 pounds more then I want to be.  One of the main goals for this year is to get some of that weight off.
I'm going to try to do it 5 pounds by 5 pound goals. 

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