Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 7

It was one of those days yesterday where I could barely move. My back and left hip were killing me for most of the day.
Then the pressure was gone.  Lovely.  Then the cramps. Damn it!

My period has a mind of it's own. 
This whole early menopause thing is worse then advertised I swear.   I; like most women; keep track of it every month, so what the hell is going on here?  I should not have been due for another week and a half, but yet it shows up early.

I was warned this would/could happen.  That it would start to become slightly mismatched, lasting for a few days extra some months, being shorter on others.   But nearly a full two weeks early? Outrageous !

Oh, and the pain.  I thought my car accident 4 and a half years ago was horror. Broken bones, a walk in the park compared to the damned cramps now.

The insomnia hits every night.  The headaches for no reason some days are killers.  The hot flashes - I don't get them yet knock on wood but I am constantly cold. I can't seem to keep warm no matter what. I roam around my apartment with the heat full blast and still have to have a sweater.  And I have two moods- crying or anger.

This sucks.  And from what I'm told, it could last another eight years.  What the hell? 
And why am I going through this when I'm not even 37 yet? My car accident and the surgery I needed after it kick started it.  So the doctor tells me.  Great lovely wonderful. 

Damn it!  I want ice cream.

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