Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The fine line between Vegan and Vegetarian

So I was reading an article today, online about the top 10 items that Vegans can't/won't eat.

I've been a Vegetarian now for 10 years, and eat Vegan as often as I can.  Because of my disability I have no choice but to keep some dairy and eggs in my diet.

I have become a label reader in the last few years.  I do not eat anything that has marshmellows or gelatin in them, as they are made from bone marrow and other parts. This includes most yogurts.

I've never eaten seafood. Even before I was Vegetarian.  Just something that grossed me out growing up and I never got over the whole fact lobster are water bugs.

I also won't eat most versions of Asian foods, given the fact Oyster Sauce is a big ingredient.  Most salad dressings are off my personal list as well, because they are salted and thickened with anchovy paste.

So with all that said, I should be much thinner then I am right?   Yes and No.  Given my budgetary limits, I'm stuck eating the same few things all the time.  Most of which are still processed foods. I do my best to cook my own foods from scratch, but still bread and pastas are high in my diet. 
If you can afford to eat just fruit and vegetables all the time like I wish I could, you would be thinner too. When you can't afford it, you have to deal with the side effects and try to keep the weight to a reasonable level.

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