Monday, January 24, 2011

The Ramen Factors In How?

A few ways actually.    I had spent the last half of 2009 and the first half of 2010 living off of ramen noodles. Both because I was broke and because I had seen the movie The Ramen Girl.

I was set on learning how to make my own ramen.   After a year and a half, I still have not managed to get it right.  My broth is still bland and I have not even attempted to try to make noodles from scratch yet.  Kind of working my way up to that element.

The movie is about finding your true calling when you hit rock bottom.  A second chance story.
The lead character has just moved to Japan with her boyfriend only to get dumped less then a week there. She's left with no one, and nothing. Wandering into a noodle shop, she has a vision. Suddenly, she's cooking for the first time and finding her center.

It spoke volumes to me. 
I used to write stories about first love being the only love you find.  You're first job turning into your only career because it was your passion.  I did not care for start over stories.
Then I had my heartbroken in more ways then one.  Because of my disability, my career of choice which was working in television was cut short.  I would go on to have three more "careers" that would be cut short as well over the next several years all because of recurring back injuries.  I've fallen in love a few times, each time thinking that this guy is the man of my dreams, only to be left wondering why it never worked out? 
My next birthday in two months, I'll be 37. 

I'm making the best of what I have. 

Sort of like shepherds pie  with left overs.

Most of what I write now are start over stories.  I almost always have my hero recovering from a broken heart daring to love again.  Could be why Persuasion is my favourite Jane Austen story.

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