Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Club Notes

Almost two full years ago, I tried starting a book club here in town. 
The first reply I got was from a guy who was also a writer, and very cute.  We met for coffee, but it seemed he wasn't really interested in the book club or me for that matter. He just wanted to talk about his own novel. 

Last spring, I got a reply about the book club from a lady who was taking a few months off from university.  It seemed like everything was going to click.  We met for coffee picked out a book and the first month went swell.
Then she just bailed.  Did not show up for the second book meeting, had one lame excuse after another for about three weeks as to why she couldn't meet up and then finally said she wasn't into the idea after all.

I had started an online Facebook group for the book club and got a few replies for the next month.  Everyone wanted to go see the movie version of Eat Pray Love.  It was a fabulous turn out. Okay there was 5 of us, but still, after the other two moments, this was heaven.  Only, no one else had read the book. They were there just for the movie.

Another two months went on with people saying they were going to be part of the book club then not showing up.  I got very depressed on the whole idea. 
Mind you, with all the books I do for review, I didn't even have more then three days at a time to devote to my own book club so I just let it slide for awhile.

Besides the Facebook group, I also started a Shelfari group and a blog just for it. 
Last month, I decided to open it up as an online book club.  To see if that would make any difference. I've gotten many hits to the book club blog, but nothing in the way of replies yet. I say yet cause I'm not giving up on it.  I'm stubborn and refuse to give up on something when I want it.

The book club blog is here   for anyone who might be interested. 

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