Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10

The day is actually over now.  It's almost 7pm.

Mom wanted to go to Walmart.  I hate walmart. But, it was what we did this morning.
Got back to mom's and it was laundry day, so hung around did the laundry, then she sent me to the grocery for some turnip for dinner. 
Ended up picking up a movie too and a cheese cake.  Very bad indeed.  I had just managed to loose the first 6 pounds, to now have to start over again cause we had cheesecake.

The movie was okay, one of those semi slap stick comedies that mom seems to really like.  Home Fries

My big plan for tomorrow is to make vegetable broth.  I know, sounds totally bitching doesn't it?   I was reading the ingredients on the boxed veggy broth at the store, and every brand had the same four things in it - water, salt, celery, carrot-   so I'm thinking, a box of broth is $5, but a stick of celery, a large carrot and a bag of parsnip combine is only $3.67.   Cheaper to make my own.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year.  We will be entering the Year of the Rabbit.
Tonight, is Imbolic and a New Moon. 

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