Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 23

There is a kitchen omen that if the right side of your body itches, it means your true love/soulmate is thinking of you.

I was talking on video chat last night with my friend who is a Medium, and she kept telling me to stop scratching.  I couldn't; the right side of my face today is tore up from all the scratching.

She figures because last night was Valentines that I was on a certain guy's mind.  Makes sense. 

Another kitchen omen is that when your ear burns someone is talking about you.  The whole time I was scratching, my ear was burning. 

I hope he was having ... uplifting thoughts about me last night.

oh and P.S.  I did go ahead and post a semi-steamy blog photo on my Clean Your Shorts! blog.  You know, the sex blog. 
I felt weird about it.  Even though my friend's husband said it didn't look like much at all.  I guess it really does prove that the minds of men differ from women.
Why did I you might be asking?   Like I said in the other post few days ago, I have to step out of my comfort zone.  Part of which is how I view myself and how I've been comparing myself to other women.
With friends who work as a Dominatrix, and in sex toy shops, it's an issue I really need to get over.

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