Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 30

30 days into this.
It flew by actually.  So weird.

I'd done a countdown for Hallowe'en during the month of October on my main blog, and it dragged on painfully at times.  I couldn't think half the time on what to post.  I ended up reposting stuff from my old vampire review blog for half of the countdown.

Then, I had decided to build a new vampire themed blog.  I think I have five posts on it.  That too has lost it's edge for me.
That is my issue right now.  Nothing makes me happy anymore.  I used to be a die hard vampire fan from the time I could crawl till about four years ago.  Then, I just lost interest. That was 32 years of being a die hard vampire fan.  I got turned off from it because it became the thing. I admit I still get little excited when a new vampire movie comes out, but it's the books that upset me.
When I was a kid, vampires where something to fear. Now, they're either weepy "vegan gentlemen"  or slutty hardcore lesbians.
What happened?  When did the vampire go from horror to well whores?

Wanna hear the ironic part of all this.  I get a list every few months of books I would like to review from this one publisher. They have an erotic vegan gentleman styled vampire novel coming out next month.  I turned it down because it's just what I hate about how the vampire has turned in the last few years.  They sent it to me anyway. Some mix up in shipping and I got sent the very thing I was politely trying to stay away from. 
I'm reluctant to review it.  I really do not want to read it.

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