Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 9

Ugh!  It's already been one of those mornings.

As I said the other day,  I have terrible insomnia.   No matter what time I go to bed, I'm up at 2:30am.  Even if I don't go to bed till nearly 1am, I still end up waking up before 3am.  Then am up till nearly the sun coming up.

Last night, the same thing. 
Now, I have this rule, of no getting back on the computer after I have gone to bed for the night, no matter how bad the urge is.  Last night was one of those nights where I broke my own rule.  Got online, checked emails, and started to work on a new short story.

In the process of emails, I sent off one to one of the major press agents whom I do book reviews for. Just letting them know I got the latest review done the other day.
Seems I sent it to the wrong person.  Umm.... that's not good.   Right company, wrong division.  As I found out this morning from the polite but firm email I received telling me that the book in question is not part of her department but her coworker's and she will pass it on this time, but to be more careful next time I email them.

Great.  Haven't had coffee yet and already I get in trouble this morning.

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