Friday, February 18, 2011

Romancing the Blog

I was just in a book group chat, and one member of the group whom I've never talked to before, brought up a few points about how blogs have become like cotton candy as of late. 
Nothing of substance just fluff. 

I agreed. 
Then I hit their book blog and liked what I saw.  From a reviewer's point of view.
They in turn hit my book review blog and cooed and gushed over my work. 

Could this be, reviewer's lust?  Two straight women who have found a partner in crime on the big wide web who happen to both feel the same way about a topic?
Is this normal?  Could I have found a friend who views the world as I do?  Or in blogging terms, is it a one-post stand?

The whole topic was started over her distaste for the ever popular meme.  Which I whole heartedly agree is defeating the purpose of blogging.   Blogs are for sharing a piece of yourself, or your topic of choice, not for selling ad space and seeing who can have 10000 followers in an hour.
Or, at lest those of us who have been blogging for awhile still feel this way. 

Link exchanges are nice, followers are great, comments by people who actually read your work is heaven.

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