Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 74

Well, I've gained another 5 pounds this week. 

The biggest thing about learning to cook, and going to my mother's all the time is the eating.   I've put my foot down as far as getting her sweets anymore.  She doesn't need them, nor do I;  and I am the one who ends up eating everything because she has one piece of a cake and sends the rest home with me.  It would be cheaper and easier if she would just get the sample sizes of stuff when she wants something from the dessert area of the grocery. 

I finished reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert this morning.   But since I've been at mother's all day, I have not had a chance yet to post it on the book club blog.   I will get to that shortly.  When I do, I'll throw the link up on here and my personal blog.

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