Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 75


I just sat down... well okay been sitting here for over an hour... to write up a post about something I mentioned few days ago. 
When I read it back, it sounded like a half lecture and even I was confused with my own topic.  Which was communication on the blogsurface.

It is something that I'm interested in chatting about, but one post I suppose I'll have to work on a bit. Cause it had me tangled up in my own underwear. 

Okay, off to have a coffee.  Plan of the day is to get some work done for book review blog and wrestling blog and if I'm really lucky with some extra energy, the bathroom needs a clean.

If anyone knows how to get to the top of the shower without needing to climb up on a chair in the tub to clean it please let me know. As I'm short and the top of my shower wall is needing a good clean.

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