Monday, April 4, 2011

Reality vs Where I want to be

I just spent over fifteen minutes on my main blog writing a post that I decided against posting.  But I could not delete it either.  It will, like many things I write, sit in draft mode for all eternity.

I'm reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert for book club, and just like her last one Eat Pray Love  my brain is going overtime.

She has a way with her books of making you examine your own life with a superpowered microscope.  Sometimes the results are good, sometimes not.
I'm sort of feeling like I'm unhinging as of late.  And I know this is a good thing in the long run because it means I'm getting ready to move into another phase of things. 
But in the short term, it's digging up fears and big self esteem issues.  Major insecurities.
As I want to keep this blog a drama free place (or as humanly close to that as possible)  I won't get into the whole mess of what I just left in the draft of the other blog.  I do hope that this is leading to a major breakthrough.

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