Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well it's raining

So it's been a very long day. 

Nothing has gone the way it should have.   The plan for the day was to get up, clean the bathroom, go to grocery, dinner at mother's and home for May's Eve ritual.

Instead, day went like this : Panic over blog issue, headache and stomach issues because of panic, sinus headache because of rain, spend all day in the blogger help forum, crash out credit card buying my own domain name for my blog in middle of panic,  eat half a bagel, and now blogging on here.

Not the dream day I had wanted.  Not that my plans ever seem to come together smoothly or otherwise.

But,  I look at this as the Tower card in tarot.   Destruction that must happen for new growth. 
The crazed spiral I went into over this blogging issue put me in a fear. That fear got me off my ass so to speak and bought my domain name for my main blog.  Something I was thinking about for the whole year since I had started that blog, but kept telling myself it was too expensive.  

True, it's not that much as it's only a once a year expense.  But, given my budget it was one I was not totally sure was really needed. 

I know, I am the last person anyone should have around during anything of stressfullness.   Which is odd, as I never used to freak out so easily few years ago.  Now I panic at the slightest thing.

Tomorrow, I might have a few photos for you.   I took a few yesterday while I was at mom's but I have yet to up load them to the computer. 

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