Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 116

And what a day it's been.

Yesterday, I was sitting around and got to see Rachael Ray show.  The one with the Carb Lovers Diet book.
As someone who confesses that I do not believe in diets, I was wondering how this would work.

I did some checking, and it seems that it's not as much a diet as it is a re-programming. 

I called the book store here, and found out there was one lonely copy in stock.  So I dug up the $30 Canadian and got it this afternoon.
I spent a few hours reading the first few chapters of it, out loud to my mom.   Why?  Because, I was not the only one who was sitting there watching the show yesterday.  My mom and sister were too.

We're all major bread/pasta/potato people.
This book is going to get a hefty workout I'll tell you that much. 
It will be interesting seeing how well I can get this to fit my vegetarian lifestyle; and it will be a challenge to get mom to eat anything in the fruit/vegetable category.   But I've already spotted a few items that I can add to my food intake that I normally do not eat (like orange juice. Love oranges but never drink juice)  and walnuts. (high in Omega 3s it would seem. Did you know that?  I did not know that)

I think the hardest part for me is going to be the food diary.  I journal about everything else in life, in both blog form and handwritten journal; but I've tried keeping a food diary before and after two days gave up.
My weight loss goal is  2 dress sizes.   I had bought a few little black dresses few years ago right before my car accident, and I never had a chance to wear them.  Since my car accident I've gained 30 pounds that I can not seem to loose because I can no longer work out.  (I used to work out 4 times a week)

So the goal, to loose enough to fit into my little black dresses that I've had hanging around for 4 and a half years.

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