Friday, December 30, 2011

174 Plan B

I've always had a soft spot for the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.  It's something I refer back to often in my life. 

I know this is a drama free zone, but I sort of feel the need to talk and this is the blog I've talked most about my health issues on recently. 
Monday will mark 7 weeks since I broke my foot.  Took the bandages off today then had to re-bandage two toes as they are still not healed which I realized when I tried to take a step without anything of a wrapper support. 

I cried.  Not from the pain which I've gotten semi-used to, but from the look of the two still not fully healed toes. 
They're slightly misshapen now.   I know in the grande scheme of the world that's not even a grain of salt in the mines.  But for me, it's one more stab at my self-esteem because of my O.I. 
37 years of broken bones, crushed vertebrae, herniated discs, a collapsed lung,  plates, pins, rods, screws, and scars. Not too mention the arthritis.
I've used a cane for a large chunk of my life and have to have orthotics in my shoes.  Athletic sneakers all year round never anything that can be called girly or pretty and never ever heels.   Reason I wear jeans all the time or yoga pants because why bother getting dressed up in a skirt when you know your shoes will destroy the outfit... I digress here...

So my now still not healed but misshapen toes will when they do heal, will have to be refitted for another pair of orthotics because the old ones were molded to the shape of my feet. 
That's going to cost about $350 - ironically the price of a pair of strappy black slingbacks.

Yeah, having a total Frankenstein day right now.  Feeling very castle freak. 

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