Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 164

The daily movie post is up on the movie blog.  Day 18

It's a Tuesday.  Nothing special, early in the week.  Everybody is out doing stuff for the holiday.
It's Yule eve... or the eve of Yule eve depending on your calendar.   Some calendars have Yule listed as the 21st some the 22nd.
I go with the 21st myself which makes for me today Yule Eve.

I subscribe to the Martha Stewart newsletters, as well as a bunch of cooking ones from countless cooking sites.   I have in my emails, two years worth of the Martha Stewart cookie of the day recipes.  I think I will start to shuffle through them and start trying some new recipes. 
I've never been much of a baker, but this last summer when I was apartment sitting for my mom, I started to try a few cookie recipes from one of her cook books.  This giant 400 page book from the 1970's that is nothing but cookie recipes. 

I mastered one kind.  That's all.  Just one. 

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